Commercial Accounts

The IDS Group provides specific services tailored to meet the needs of commercial accounts and entities, institutions and high-volume bullion dealers. IDS Group offers commercial clients and institutions a secure, expedient and cost-effective way to provide precious metals investment storage.

The IDS Group’s Commercial Accounts are for:

  • Worldwide businesses
  • Global Sovereign Mints
  • Financial institutions
  • Refineries
  • Mining operations
  • Municipalities
  • Educational systems
  • Private equity funds
  • Pension funds
  • Family offices
  • Hedge funds
  • Bullion Traders
  • Investment banks
  • Manufacturers
  • Coin and bullion dealers from around the world


All assets stored at IDS Group depositories are insured by a policy underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. 


  • UL-Rated, Multi-Redundant Security Systems 
  • Monitored in Real-Time, 24/7/365 by Off-site Security Specialists
  • Class III Gold Vaults
  • Custom-Built Security Specifications
  • Conducts the Most Stringent Personnel Screening Options, Consistent Staff Accountability and Restricted Access and Authorization
  • All Assets Held Off of the IDS Group’s Balance Sheet


The IDS Group offers segregated storage at no additional cost.


  • IDS can facilitate shipping worldwide
  • Metals stored at IDS Group locations can be transferred or shipped securely and hassle-free almost anywhere
  • Custom business logistics solutions including storage, fulfillment, inventory management, and many other value-added services
  • Being associated with one of the largest, most-respected precious metals wholesalers in the world, the IDS Group can help facilitate client transactions with retail dealers that store at any of the three depositories, often eliminating the time and expense of shipping metals out of the facility
  • All precious metals stored at the IDS Group may be made ready for withdrawal or transfer within 48 hours of receipt by written notice from an Authorized Representative of the client
  • Shipments sent by IDS are fully insured and require signatures at the delivery address 


Clients have access to their accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the IDS Groups’ proprietary online depository Client Portal. In the Client Portal, users can 

  • View Holdings
  • Assess Value
  • Execute Transfers and Shipments
  • Review Transactional Activity
  • Download Account Statements and View Itemized Reports
  • Streamline Fulfillment Logistics for Precious Metals Inventory
  • Track Shipments and Deliveries 


The IDS Group employs proprietary management systems for its clients, including customizable reporting:

  • Itemized Inventory
  • Consolidated Inventory
  • Transaction Summary
  • Shipping, Summary
  • Packing Slips 
  • Sub-Accounting Services for Commercial Accounts
  • All Daily Account Transaction Confirmations
  • Month-End Inventory Reports


IDS of Delaware is one of eight approved COMEX/CME depositories for gold, silver, platinum and palladium and is one of nine Intercontinental Exchange Futures U.S. (ICE) approved depositories for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.


The IDS Group has a competitive rate structure. All storage fees are based on volume, with no minimum storage requirements, but a minimum storage fee is required. As always, there is no fee for segregated storage at the IDS Group, and there are no account setup fees. 


Responding to the ever-evolving needs of the lending marketplace, IDS Group offers private and discreet tri-party accounts set up to alleviate security concerns for lenders and borrowers alike. As a third-party collateral custodian, the IDS Group safeguards the collateral and efficiently manages all requisite and compliance reporting.


Setting up an IDS Group Commercial account is quick and easy. Because the agreements vary by the needs of the account, it’s best to call the Operations Team at IDS Group and discuss standard corporate accounts versus a master/sub-account structure.  During the call, fees can be discussed based on asset value likely to be held in the account.  Call today – 888.322.6150.

Master/Sub Storage Accounts

allocated storage

The IDS Group can set up a two-tiered storage account for precious metals dealers and asset managers. This Master/Sub storage account. This type of account is designed to create a revenue stream for the precious metals dealer/asset managers. The Master Account monitors and maintains associated Sub-Accounts. All correspondence is directed through the Master Account. The Master Account is notified of any and all movement, including buy/sell. Comprehensive reports for the Master/Sub storage account holdings are available for record-keeping and invoicing purposes.

Pool Storage Accounts

Commercial Accounts

Pool Accounts are only available to precious metal dealers or institutions that store precious metals on behalf of their clients. Pool accounts are where each coin or bar is not titled explicitly to the individual investor but instead titled to the Pool Account owner. The Pool Account owner holds unallocated precious metals. All sub-account holders are allocated a number of purchased ounces rather than a specific fabricated precious metal product, such as bars or coins. The Pool account owner maintains complete control of all stored precious metals. All correspondence regarding the holdings is done through the Pool account owner. IDS Group depository does not correspond directly with the Pool Account owner’s clients (Sub-account holders) unless authorized by written instruction from the Pool Account owner.