International Depository Services Group provides a full array of onsite full-service logistics and drop-shipping services for inventory fulfillment accounts. IDS of Texas, IDS of Delaware, and IDS of Canada are uniquely qualified to assist clients with distributing their assets throughout North America and the world.

All IDS Group facilities utilize advanced, proprietary technology and logistics to precisely execute the distribution needs of their clients. As a result, the International Depository Services Group saves clients’ time, resources, and money by alleviating the need to maintain a vault, hire staff, and acquire costly insurance. In addition, clients often purchase from other dealers who already store inventory at IDS Group facilities, thereby alleviating the need to tie up capital.

Inventory Fulfillment Services include:

  • Stringent Inventory Controls and Reporting
  • Expedient Processing of Shipments
  • Utilization of Custom Collateral Marketing Material (inserts for packages, i.e., brochures)
  • Insured and Expedited Delivery
  • Daily Transaction and Tracking Reports
  • Simple Fee Structure
  • Customs Clearance and International Shipping Assistance

In-House Marketplace to Eliminate Expensive Shipping and Insurance Costs

The International Depository Services Group only provides storage and related services to its clients. The IDS Group is not a bullion dealer. However, the IDS Group stores metals on behalf of many of the world’s leading bullion dealers, making it easy for clients to buy/sell and trade within the depositories. Contact the International Depository Services Group for more information. They will be happy to recommend active dealers within IDS of Delaware, IDS of Texas, and IDS of Canada. 

Customers who already have a bullion dealer can instruct the dealer to ship their order to one of the three International Depository Services Group depositories for safekeeping. 

IDS of Delaware – This precious metals depository is located in New Castle, Delaware, (just outside Wilmington) is extremely beneficial when the need arises to deliver inventory to destinations on the Eastern seaboard.  Most packages can arrive within one day of shipping. 

IDS of Texas – This precious metals depository is located in Dallas, Texas, and is the largest precious metal depository in the state. 

IDS of Canada – This precious metals depository is located in Mississauga, Ontario (just outside of Toronto) is strategically located to provide service to residents within Canada as well as clients in the United States who wish to diversify the locations of their assets but still have them readily accessible across the Northern border of the U.S.

For customers selling to a bullion dealer, once the sale has been arranged with the dealer, provide International Depository Services Group with the destination address and method of shipment desired. If the dealer has an active International Depository Services Group account, the transaction can be completed within the depository, saving time and money on shipping.

Call now to find out how IDS Group’s fulfillment services can help you streamline your business. Client service associates are available at 888-322-6150 from 8:30 am – 5 pm Eastern, Monday through Friday.