The International Depository Services Group offers clients multiple options for precious metals storage at three full-service, state-of-the-art IDS Group locations across North America, strategically situated near the world’s most active investment communities and corporate hubs.

Each depository serves institutional clientsindividual investors and IRA custodians from around the globe. 

Helping our clients mitigate risk is one of the many benefits of having locations in the United States of America and Canada. Worldwide geopolitical strife spark concerns among investors and businesses. IDS Group gives its clients the choice of geographically mitigating risks by storing precious metals in two of the world’s most stable democracies.

Geotargeted locations

IDS Of Delaware – Located in New Castle, Delaware, (just outside Wilmington)

IDS of Texas – Located in Dallas, Texas, and is the largest precious metal depository in the state

IDS of Canada – Located in Mississauga, Ontario (just outside of Toronto)

Dillon Gage’s precious metals depositories maintain the highest credibility with accreditations, including The Commodity Exchange Inc. (COMEX ) approval. They also provide  unsurpassed security for both stored bullion and data, offering industry-leading-edge client access through our proprietary online customer depository portal and delivering unmatched transaction speed. Additionally, all three depositories contain a Class III high value vaults for secure gold, platinum and palladium storage. 

IDS Group Locations