Many investors who acquire precious metals as an asset and as a way to diversify their investment portfolios are storing them in insured depositories rather than taking personal possession for the sheer fact that International Depository Services Group offers 100% insurance protection underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, the world’s leading provider of specialized asset insurance for the past 300 years. Lloyd’s of London promises a trusted, enduring partnership built on the confidence that Lloyd’s protects what matters most: helping people, businesses and communities to recover in times of need.

All precious metals deposits at any of the three (IDS of Delaware, IDS of Texas and IDS of Canada) International Depository Services Group secure facilities are insured through an all-risk policy. This caliber of coverage is only available at select precious metal depositories.

Physical silver and gold are financial assets that have served as a medium of exchange almost since the beginning of time. Today, individual investors can buy and store gold and silver in various forms, particularly bullion bars and coins and certified numismatic coins.

Many precious metals investors who store their investments at home are surprised to learn that their homeowners’ insurance policy does not cover investment-grade precious metals. And, for those fortunate to have a homeowners policy that allows the homeowner to take out additional coverage for investment-grade precious metals, the maximum per piece limit is typically around $2,000.

Those investors who opt to store their precious metals investments in a bank safe deposit box are often surprised to hear that the FDIC does not insure any U.S. safe deposit boxes. Furthermore, almost all U.S. banks do not self-insure their safe deposit boxes. So, if the bank’s safe deposit boxes are broken into (internally or externally) or hit by a natural disaster, war, or destruction, none of the contents within the boxes would be covered.

Investors who deposit their gold and silver at any of the three International Depository Services Group secure depositories are the managers of that metal. Nothing can be done with their metal without their written instructions.

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