• Precious metal dealers who select International Depository Services to fulfill client orders will experience 2-3 day service on shipping.  Dropship packages ship with full insurance and signature requested to provide the utmost protection and help ensure the orders arrive at their destination safely.
  • IDS of Delaware, IDS of Texas and IDS of Canada charge a flat rate per box according to the account fee structure and carrier fees.  This service allows dealers to focus on their primary business of buying and selling to their clients while entrusting International Depository Services with the responsibilities of insuring and managing inventory and hiring shipping staff.


In a different “allocated” type of account, a dealer assigns specific quantities of metals to individual client accounts. Metal held as allocated is owned by an investor and is stored under a safekeeping or custody arrangement in a professional vault. Allocated storage works for investors who are simply looking for representation in metal and don’t expect to take delivery. 


All inventory shipped from any International Depository Services location ships insurance with signature requested at point of delivery. The experts at IDS of Delaware, IDS of Texas and IDS of Canada select the best carrier for the type of metal, weight and value to help the package arrive safely at its destination. In most cases, inventory is shipped via 2-Day Federal Express. For high-value packages, an armored carrier may be the better option.