Accounts & Services

Investor Accounts

Personal and Corporate Investor Custody Accounts are specifically tailored for individual or corporate investors. IDS has several investor account options designed to meet specific needs.

To assist in meeting your operational and informational requirements, all IDS accounts receive detailed and timely transaction and data reporting. Through the proprietary inventory control and account management system, IDS features expeditious transactions and inventory account reporting:

  • Detailed Transaction Confirmations
  • Itemized Inventory and Collateral Holdings Reports
  • Comprehensive Shipping Summaries and Tracking Information
  • Master/Sub-Account Reporting
  • Pool Account Status

IDS provides its customers with a variety of custody account and distribution options featuring:

Standard Storage (Master/Sub Only)

In Standard Storage, metals are stored at IDS within Master/Sub accounts among other personal storage products of sub-account inventory.

Segregated Storage

Metals are stored separate and segregated from the metals of other IDS clients. Ask us about designated vault locations.