Opening an Account

Opening an account is very simple. You only need to download and fill out the applicable Custody Agreement below and provide a copy of a government-issued, photo ID. You can submit a form for either our location in Texas or Delaware. You also have the option of choosing an account for personal custody or corporate custody accounts.

There is no cost to open or maintain a storage account. There is also no minimum level of holdings, however there is a minimum storage charge per billing cycle. For Texas, that is $300 every six months.

IDS does not participate in any sale or purchase of metals, so when you would like to liquidate, you lock a trade with a dealer and simply provide us the appropriate instructions regarding what to do with the metal. You can do that via signed paper form or through our online portal, Vault Direct, where you can also view your holdings, transaction history, and past invoices. Of course, if you are selling to DG, there would be no transit time or shipping/handling costs.

Account Registration Forms

Commercial Accounts (Click Below)

All commercial accounts are individually tailored to meet each client’s needs. Please call our Customer Service Department to obtain account registration forms and appropriate fee schedules.

Individual Accounts (Click Below)

Account Transaction Forms